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to do some of the online papers you need to register and log in with your own user name

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Mainly Maths Tests

About Online Tests

The tests - also called quizzes - use different question types, such as multi-choice and short-answer.

Example Test
This test - just one question - is based on a past paper question: AQA June 2010 Paper 1 43055/1H.

Try entering a wrong answer, such as '-2', and checkout the feedback. Click the Reset button for another attempt.


You have to log in to do most of the tests. By logging in, your answers are saved so that you can review them later and repeat a test. You can log in with a visitor account or sign up for your own account.

If you are not familiar with entering answers online you may lose marks. Here is a Practice Quiz to get you started.

Practice Quiz
The Practice Quiz is a simple introduction to doing a test online. It is not a Maths test but it includes advice on how to type in answers such as a fraction or a calculation. You are recommended to do it before trying the online topic tests and PPQ quizzes. Click
Practice Quiz

Practice Writing Calculations
Just three, simple questions that practise writing calculations. No need to log in. Click
Test Your Skill - Writing Maths Calculations

Pre-GCSE Diagnostic Test

To start a GCSE Maths course you need basic skill in decimals, fractions and percentages. Try this pre-GCSE Maths online quiz and check your readiness for a GCSE Maths course. Suitable for adult students considering a GCSE Maths course.

The question paper is optional. It contains the questions and space for your working. If you do not use it you will still need to work out most of the answers on paper first.

To download and print the questions, click
Pre-GCSE Question Paper

To complete the test online click
Pre-GCSE Quiz

Topic Tests

Most of these tests are free to access.

The five tests on Stats and Number revise Unit 1 (Stats and Number) and Unit 2 (Number and Algebra).

The Number Unit 1 test is based on Unit 1 type number questions. The Number Unit 2 test is based on Unit 2 type questions. The main difference between Unit 1 and Unit 2 number questions is the use of a calculator. Given that you are using the questions for practice, both tests are relevant revision for Units 1 and 2.

The Algebra test is for Unit 2 and Unit 3. It is mainly Foundation tier but includes a few Higher questions.

You may wish to answer some of the questions on paper before completing online. Two of the tests include a question paper with space for your written answers. Click a Quiz link to do the test online.

Stats 1 Question Paper
Stats 1 (Frequency Tables & Grouping) Quiz

Stats 2 (Probability) Quiz

Number Question Paper
Number Quiz (Free Access)

Number Unit 1 Quiz (Free Access)

Number Unit 2 Quiz (Free Access)

Basic Algebra Revision Quiz (Free Access)

PPQ (Past Exam Paper) Quizzes

The four original PPQs (see below) use questions from Module 1 and Module 3 papers - suitable revision for Unit 1 (Statistics) and Unit 2 (Number) papers.

New PPQs are being added, called New Style PPQs, starting with the June 2011 Unit 2 higher paper, 43602H.

There are some differences between a PPQ question and the question in the exam paper. For example, in order to give method marks for showing your working, some of the PPQ questions require that you enter an answer for each step in a calculation. For those who forget to provide evidence of working this may help you focus more on the quality of the working and not just on obtaining an 'answer'.

The PPQs are intended to help with revision and so provide suggestions on how to tackle a question.

Click a link below for a free Past Paper Quiz.

Unit 1 PPQ / Module 1 Foundation Questions
Unit 1 PPQ / Module 1 Higher Questions
Unit 2 PPQ / Module 3 Foundation Questions
Unit 2 PPQ / Module 3 Higher Questions

The Preview versions of the New Style PPQs are also free. See below.

New Style Higher Past Paper Quizzes
The first link below is a Preview of the Unit 2 Higher 43602 quiz - a Preview version contains just the first six questions.

In a Preview-Lite quiz the method marks are not included. The main advantage of a Lite version is that it should take less time. A disadvantage is that a Lite question does not normally include advice about doing calculations.

A New Style quiz uses a feature not used in the Preview-Lite and in the four original PPQ quizzes. You can return to the quiz later and build on your previous answers. This requires you to log in with your own user account. You can access a Preview-Lite version with a 'visitor' login. With the other versions you must login with a personal username.
More Info With a New style quiz you should register and log in with a personal username.

If you repeat a New Style quiz, your answers from the previous attempt are displayed. You can then correct those answers if necessary, answer previously unanswered question and then re-submit for re-marking.

That is not possible when you share a 'visitor' login with others. One advantage of the New Style quiz is that you do not have to answer all the questions at the first attempt. You can complete the quiz over several sessions.

Preview-Lite (Free Access)
June 2011 Unit 2 (43602H)
June 2012 Unit 2 (43602H)

New Style
June 2011 Unit 2 (43602H)

Preview-Lite (Free Access)
Unit 3 Set 1 Practice Paper (43603H)

New Style-Lite
June 2011 Unit 2 (43602H)
June 2012 Unit 2 (43602H)
Unit 3 Set 1 Practice Paper (43603H)

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Online GCSE Maths Tests

The tests are:

  • a Practice Quiz - useful if you have not done an online test.
  • a pre-GCSE Test to check your readiness to start a GCSE Maths course.
  • the Topic Tests on Statistics (handling data), Number and Algebra.
  • interactive Unit 1, 2 and 3 Exams called Past Paper Quizzes.
    See what are PPQs

As with any maths test or exam, most of the questions will require some working out on paper.

When you submit your answers for marking you receive the mark for each question and an overall grade along with feedback and explanation.

Not all the tests and past paper quizzes are free access. See:
Are the Tests and PPQs Free?

There are links to the test question papers and all the quizzes on this page. When you click on a quiz link it opens in a new window.

The quiz software requires that you login using either a visitor account or, better, you can create your own account. Your answers are saved so that you can review the answers and feedback later.
More Info If you log in as a visitor remember the username and the attempt number. You can then log in with the same username later and review your answers. You can re-do the quiz as many times as you wish. With a visitor login you need to know the attempt number so that you can locate your previous attempt. Previous attempts are listed at the bottom of the page after you login. To review an attempt, locate it in the list and click the attempt number on the left or the grade on the right.

Test Your Browser's Maths Markup
Check that your web browser can display the maths content of the tests and past paper questions. Some browsers work better than others. Internet Explorer on a laptop and desktop supports maths expressions and equations. But, for best results using Internet Explorer, download the free MathsPlayer plugin. To test your browser and for more detail click here.